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Hello ~ This is So Yoon. This is final ㅜnㅜ ep28. We can't see this couple anymore. Anyway I hope this drama will be ended with happy ending :) Then see you at 10:00 Final Episode :) In the process of marriage , Shunji and people who take his side run into that place. Gangto and Mokdan's wedding :) Yangbak officiates their wedding he says that I hope you give birth to many babies >< The man says to Shunji, Mokan and Gangto are marrying. The policemen prepare to attack the Dongjin's hideout. Shunji saw that Gangto and Mokdan smile seeing each other. Shunji shoots the gun ㅜnㅜ Mokdan gets hurt instead of Gangto. ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ. Many supporters killed ........because of their attack.... Shunji follows Gangto continueously. Gangto carrying with Mokdan. She says please leave me.. and don't cry because today is our wedding . Both of them cried..(also me).. She says about her wishes and way to go Gangto for our independance. Shunji finds blood that wears on the plants. Mokdan...died.. After hearing this sound, Shunji also comes here.. He realized that he kills Mokdan who he loves. He also says it is because of you !!!!!!!!!!!! The man who wears hat helps Gangto. Dongjin associations counterattack the japanese policemen and soldiers..but..there are so many casualties. Shunji wakes up..and sees the trace that actually it is Mokdan's blood.Shunji cries..and memorizes her smile. Yangback asks about casualties such as Mokdan and Jodanjang....he doesn't know where gangto is.. Shunji reports that we kill all the memeber of Dongjin association...except a few. Shunji is little thrown into confusion because of the Mokdan's death. The phone is ringing... Hongju meets Shunji.. she says Why didn't you get a call from me? and asks about Gangto and Mokdan.. Shunji tells that I kill ...Mokdan... I was supposed to shoot Gangto... and i've never seen that smile before... Actually I will kill Gangto surely.!!!! Mokdan was not killed by me,,,it's because of Gangto. Gangto casts back the memory of Mokdan and decides to cheer up myself. The man who wear the hat says our soldiers and student soldiers were killed all..over 300.. Gangto brings one to himself and comes back to Yangbak. Yangback makes sure of our independance.This is no time for sorrow. Wooyaeno worried about Dongjin because Shunji missed him. Shunji sets him at ease. Yangback left to find a solution for independance. But Gangto is left in the hideout because he is more danger if someone sees him. All the media brocast that Gaksital and Dongjin were dead. Oh sister ! Sister thought his brother was dead. he comes to with Dongjin. The media is all fault. The japanese policemen think that shunji has some problems.. Shunji sees the wedding pictures that they seems really happy. He cries because of his guilty that he kills Mokdan... The man with Gangto says it is time to decide about Shunji. Gangto..says before him, we have to kill someone who is the center of the japan. Wooyaeno angries about his daughter's acting. He orders his guard to kill her. That moment her guard defendes her from a sword. Suddenly Gaksital appears ! He is ready to kill Wooyaeno. He says that because of your ambition, I and Shunji lost our family ! I come here to defeat you. Wait a second Hongju says.. I can't do nothing because of your sorrow about Mokdan. Shunji also is desperated .. please forgive him ..one more time..as I saved you. I hope you don't get hurt from this situation. Hongju calls to Shunji. Wooaeno was killed by Gangto. please evade this time. Shunji says It is the only chance to capture Gangto. Hongju tells that I will go off... please stay healthy. Shunji " You too" Hongju and her guard prepare to farewall. Her guard says Do you leave really? Even thought I just stay with you as a Guard not a man..., is it impossible to go together ? Hongju says no..it is so cruel .. I will go alone.. and she tells her real name Hongju to him. He says I remeber it forever. Gangto and Shunji see each other. "Sit down" Shunji he also says thatIt will be last that we drink together..and what about Mokdan? Two men ...says about Mokdan. Shunji says it is the most beautiful smile I've never seen... This picture is yours so I wait you until now. Gangto angries about Shunji's acting and tells about all the members of his sides who killed by Shunji I regret that I didn't kill you before.. Shunji also says I understand your mind as my father's case. Gangto says it will be finished only one of ous die. Shunji Okay see you at front yard Shunji kills by himself.. Many people try to achieve independance. "Dongjin is alive now if you want to fight, get together..." Many japanese congratulate about thier victory of the war. (maybe i think it is the second world war) Dongjin association and many nations come out of the street to achieve independace from Japan. Cry Hurrah for independance ! ㅜnㅜ this is final episode of Gaksital ... Really disappointed about Mokdan's death... But this is an really impressive drama for me !!!!
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How about gangto ?? so sad that mokdan died .. Thankss for the final storyyy ...
@minyk2002... yeah, super sad.. so mokdan died, shunji killed himself and kangto.. was left alone with all the glory of achieving their independence but was grieving for his lost love... sad... it would have been great if mokdan didn't die.. that would have been true happy ending...
thank you again!
nylamrehs ㅜnㅜ mokdan ..I was also disappinted about that
awesomeness yes right she is really dead ㅜㅜactually I wanna happy ending..
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