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Kanye West Stops Sydney Show Because Fan in a Wheelchair Won't Stand Up
Yeezus is at it again. Kanye told the crowd at the Sydney Yeezus tour stop to get on their feet and that he wasn't going to start his song until every single person was standing. As some people continued to sit, Kanye thought it would be a good idea to tell his fans that they'd better be standing "unless y’all are sitting down because y’all handicapped." He used this 'joke' at both Melbourne and Sydney dates. After stalling the concert for way too long to be funny, he realized that two of the fans he was screaming at were in fact in wheelchairs. Maybe he didn't notice the girl WAVING HER PROSTHETIC LEG AT HIM (photo) Get it together Kanye.
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I can understand trying to get the crowd into your show but come on Kanye
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Kanye, imma let you finish but--just kidding you're a jerk XP
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This is so weird.
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well, if you good at something you have the right to do anything about it.
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