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Once Upon a Closet, Emma Swan: 2x06 "Tallahassee" Tallahassee was a heartbreaking episode, and I could never forget Emma's simple and slightly edgy style she had in her youth. I found this great dupe for her shearling jacket and super cute stripe dress, the rest just fell into place. ● Jack Juniors Cathie Jacket in Taupe Brown ● Forever 21 Striped Fit & Flare Dress in Black and Cream ● Forever 21 Solid Knit Leggings in Black ● Madden Girl Gamer Combat Boot in Black ● Skeleton Key Necklace, Leather Vintage Antique Key Charm by ThreeBirdNest on Etsy
@sanityscout agreed, Emma's youthful outfits are so edgy but still sweet!
I love all the "vintage Emma" looks on the show so much. "Young" Emma has the best outfits! And those glasses...
@AgentCory Emma is incredibly fond of her boots, I didn't know they were like Bat-girl's, that's interesting.
I love those boots, really cool looking! kinda like Batgirl imo I love the necklace you found too @pixiedust, actually better than the one she's wearing.