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2 of my favorite actors in south korea... yehey fighting su ae and kwon sang woo...** it's a 24-episode drama.. starts shooting on november and will air on jan. of 2013... Su Ae stars as the ambitious heroine who overcomes severe poverty and dreams of becoming the president’s wife. Kwong Sang-woo is the sweet and innocent guy who sacrifices everything for her. The drama deals with fatal loves, betrayal, conspiracies, unstoppable ambition, and the downfall of humanity. So… light and fluffy, are we? The heroine is described as “falling into the swamp of ambition,” like it’s an addiction she can’t shake, and it sounds like Kwon Sang-woo’s character doesn’t stay the sweet sacrificial patsy for long, because it’s the story of his revenge, as he seeks to punish the woman whom he once loved like life itself. Sounds like Nice Guy meets The Chaser. The production plans to finish casting and start shooting by November, and airs in January on SBS. credits to: dramabeans.com