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Gone With the Wind 75 Year Later
Gone With the Wind, now 75 years old, is such a classic movie to me. Although at the time the line “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” was extremely controversial, it’s such a integral part of the Rhett Butler’s character, and his relationship to Scarlet that I can’t imagine the movie without it. But according to this Parade article the line very nearly wasn’t in the film. These were apparently the censor approved variations that didn’t quite cut it. Frankly, my dear, nothing could interest me less. … I don’t care. … it has become of no concern to me. … I don’t give a Continental. … I don’t give a hoot! … I don’t give a whoop! … I am completely indifference. … you can go to the devil, for all of me. … you can go to the devil for all I care. … I’m not even indifferent—I just don’t care. … I’ve come to the end. … I just don’t care. … my indifference is boundless. … I don’t give a straw. … It’s all the same to me. … it is of no consequence. … the devil may care—I don’t! … I’ve withdrawn from the battle. … The whole thing is a stench in my nostrils. … it makes my gorge rise.
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