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An archipelago of 6,753 islands, Japan, often referred to as an island nation and the ‘Land of Rising Sun’ has had a long history of seismic activity and earthquakes, and accounts for a fifth of the world’s most powerful earthquakes. However, Japan’s earthquake preparation has spared it from a far worse fate, as Japanese live in a constant state of readiness for the arrival of the 'big one' like the devastating tsunami that came on 11 March 2011, which was recorded as the strongest earthquake in its recorded history. And, innovators always work to find advanced preventive ‘life-saving’ solutions for all kinds of disasters Japan is prone to. One such latest preventive solution is the Shinko Industries’ quake-resistant bed dubbed as Wood-Luck bed, which can protect sleepers from suffering injury in the case of an earthquake. Designed as a more practical and sturdy solution for people trying to escape a devastating earthquake, the revolutionary Wood-Luck bed boasts a capacity to support 65-tons of pressure of the falling ceiling debris, including plasterboard and light fittings. Manufacturer has used specially aged cedar (30-40 years old) and sturdy metal fittings to combine all the pieces of wood together to craft this life-saving bed. Wood-Luck bed is available in varied size options, including the single-sized and semi-double, along with a shelter version, and can also offers space to accommodate an entire family in an unfortunate event of any natural disaster, providing a sturdier alternative of taking cover under a table. Wood-Luck’s single size version and the shelter-version is available at a price of $5,600, whereas the semi-double version starts at a price tag of $6,250. Also, we have earlier seen the indestructible bed dubbed as Quantum Sleeper Unit, which is actually meant for the billionaires who constantly live under the threat of an assailant attack, besides the indestructible home and the bulletproof toilet.
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