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The Miss American Pageant may be a little silly to some, but the amount of work and effort these woman put into the competition has always been inspiring to me. Here are 10 fun facts about the contestants you might not have known! 1. Miss New York loves anything Jane Austen (well, hopefully) 2. Miss Florida loves Waffle House 3. Miss New York also enjoys street hot dogs 4. Miss Alabama's nickname growing up was "Bob" 5. Miss Arkansas loves giraffes 6. Miss Ohio has her sights set on Al Roker's job 7. Miss Florida slapped a shark as a child 8. Miss Massachusetts was attacked by a cheetah in Zambia 9. Miss Virginia is terrified of frogs 10. Miss Mississippi is a pescetarian
If only I could get on this show (haha) I have way more interesting tidbits to share ;)
@Sjeanyoon it makes me really curious!
Miss Massachusetts definitely has a unique story haha
I honestly only pay attention to this competition when news comes out about something stupid one of the girls said. It's nice to see a less-dumb side of the contestants!