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Hillsborough County, Florida, Deputy Kenneth Moon was alone at his station at a county jail facility near Tampa when an inmate attacked him with no warning. Moon, 64, was no match for Douglas Burden, 24, in custody on various drug charges. With Moon still in his chair, Burden put him in a choke hold. But the other inmates joined the fight on the guard's side, pulling Burden away from Moon and punching him in the head. One inmate grabbed Moon's radio and called for back-up. The inmates held Burden down until other guards arrived as one of them extended a hand to help Moon up, according to the video.
hope the guard is ok that was scary just to watch can't imagine being there in person
oh my god! why was the guy left alone like that?! I mean I guess you don't except prisoners to just ATTACK like that but still. that's awesome that other inmates helped out and called for backup
That must have been absolutely terrifying for the guard, but I am glad that the rest of the inmates helped him out. There is rarely news showing the good that some men and women in prison can do.