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No wonder it's called the common cold -- the average preschool and elementary child suffers between six and 10 colds per year. Cold symptoms -- including sore throat, runny nose, cough, sneezing, and fatigue -- can last for a few days to two weeks. Prevention. You can reduce their risk of cold by teaching them to wash their hands frequently with soap and warm water. Also, during cold seasons, remind them not to share food with their classmates or put their hands in their mouth. Treatment. While there's no cure for a cold, you can make your child more comfortable when they have one. Give her acetaminophen (like Infant Tylenol) for pain and plenty of fluids. Salt water gargles can ease a sore throat and steam helps clear congestion.
Not to sound smartie, but had observed that washing hand after working and touching things or stuffs even opening door help to minimise catching cold. Aware that germs are everywhere and though places or things that may look clean, does not mean there is no germ. It may seem abit troublesome to wash after every touch, but guess we need to mind the situation and condition at the point of time. To keep ourselves healthy, we do that far so that we can live more happier.
I wonder if I washed my hands more I could actually avoid getting the cold all of my friends have... seems worth a shot at least yeah?
I'm really thankful I work with older kids, but even they share colds. Washing the hands is really so important, gotta remember to do it!
A warm wash cloth over the face helps congestion so much (basically, your steam suggestion^^)
Great tips @flymetothemoon and (unfortunately) just in time for cold season :/