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Make your own compost sifter! 1/2 inch hardware cloth – it’s with the chicken wire at Lowe’s Wire cutters Scrap 2×4 Circular Saw Pneumatic Nailer or Drill & Screws Pneumatic Stapler or Hand stapler Instructions: Cut wood to size. The hardware cloth I bought is 2 ft wide so I cut 2 boards 2ft long and the other two about 15 inches. Remember it’s going to be filled with dirt and you have to shake it so don’t make it to big. Nail the boards into a rectangle. Staple mesh down. Switch to your stapler and lay the hardware cloth out on the frame. Staple along one long side. I used a lot of staples. Press the cloth flat up against the frame and staple about 3/4 down the short sides. Don’t go all the way or it’ll be miserable trying to cut the hardware cloth. Press the cloth and mark where you need to cute the wire and then get to cutting.Finish stapling up the sides and then down the final length. So now that you have one what’s it good for? - Sifting out uncomposted bits before you add compost to you garden - Removing rocks, plant material and clumps from garden soil - Use it as a dehydrator or to cure garlic and onions - Prop it up and use it to rinse veggies with the hose - Use as a tray to carry produce from the garden to the house - Flip it over on top of seedlings or transplants to protect them from your overenthusiastic chickens (would also work for strawberries) -Use one as a base for a chicken waterer to prevent disgusting fly larvae colonies from populating the permanently damp area. - Separate dry beans from shells What would you use yours for?
@pixiedust Hopefully you'll be able to :) At the very least, start small (and indoors!) to practice until then
Great DIY idea, and useful for so many things! I love the idea of gardening so much, someday I'll have my own I hope!
Oh great suggestion, thanks @happyrock!