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"Stomach flu" isn't actually the flu (influenza) but an upset stomach usually caused by a virus (gastroenteritis). Symptoms may include cramps, diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. They can also include a rash. They usually improve within a few days. How it spreads. Your child can get gastroenteritis through close contact with someone who has it or by eating food that's been prepared or touched by someone who has it. Prevention. Try to keep your child away from people who have the stomach flu. Teach them to wash their hands frequently, particularly before eating and after using the bathroom. Treatment. There is no specific treatment for stomach flu. Give your child popsicles and extra fluids to make sure they stay well hydrated. Rest! Avoid spicy foods and fried foods. Give small amounts of bland foods like gelatin, toast, crackers, rice, or bananas at first. Then go back to their regular diet, but with small amounts frequently. If your little one is less than 1 and has vomiting or diarrhea, consult your doctor.
man having the flu sucks so much >< I hate when everyone at school is sick around me
Once again this is why I always have a big bottle of hand sanitizer on top of reminding my students to wash their hands!
I always hated flu season as a kid. It's so hard to avoid it in school!