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The Garden of Ninfa in Italy is known as one of the most romantic gardens in the world! Though Ninfa was a town ruined by war and disaster, in 1920 Gelasio Caetani decided to turn the ruined city into a garden. He began by restoring the castle and stripping excess vegetation from the half tumbled-down city walls, churches, and numerous towers built by various wealthy families. He rebuilt them just enough to make them safe, leaving them as romantic ruins and a haven for wild life. Isn't it beautiful?
Gorgeous! Imagine being able to take an early morning walk there!
I'd love to see the ruins in this garden one day!
@Nisfit If we could all start our days out in a garden like this, I think we'd be a little happier. @caricakes Me too! I might have to play a trip just to see gardens like this.
Woooow. How is this place even real?
@danidee I know! It's kind of unbelievable. But with a little room and a little love gardens really can look this beautiful~~ We have to go!