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Move hostas easily! To do so, you will need: - a rope - masking tape - shovel - pruning shears - water 1. Wrap the rope around the hosta, and wrap it tight about half way up the petioles (leaf stems!) Make it as tight as you can without breaking anything. 2. Take the masking tape and tape around below or above the rope. Trust me! 3. Dig the hole in a new place. 4. Dig out at least half way around where the end of the hosta canopy was. You need to be able to lift it out! 5. Pop it out of its hole! 6. Remove excess soil, and put it in the new hole. Water well. Refill the hole. water some more. 7. Take off the rope but leave the tape. It will hold the leaves up until the roots start taking water. Moving them causes them to lose a lot of water pressure which typically holds the leaves up. In a week or two, the tape will loosen itself and you can remove it. 8. Keep watering well! Prune off any broken leaves after removing the tape.
@pixiedust It isn't as bad as it sounds, really, many plants are more than hardy enough to go for a little move :)
@thePinkFlower good to know!
The idea of moving an established plant is so scary to me, but this make it sound really easy and doable. Great advice @thePinkFlower!
I had a few of these in my yard to the condo I moved into and didn't know what to do with them! Now I have no excuse! I need to fix my yard haha
hahaha my mom just tried to move hers and got so frustrated, I'll have to share this!