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I never thought I'd be given the opportunity to buy an 512 GB SD card. That's half a terabyte. That's more storage than my laptop has (I have a solid-state hard drive). That's a LOT of space! SanDisk's ExtremePRO line has been making bigger and bigger SD cards over the years, still with the capability for 4K video capture and high-speed captures as it writes at 95 MB/s. It has also been through water and X-ray machines; but that doesn't come cheap!! It costs a lofty $800 USD. I'll stick to my 16GB card, thanks! That was pricey enough. -------------------------------------------------------------- @hunahuna You might want to check this out!
@AgentCory , How about UHD video?
@NicksonMaro I know!! It's amazing how much SD cards have improved
thats awesome..
This is awesome! I don't think I'll be buying one, but doesn't this mean it'll be affordable in a year or two? That's usually how these things work XD
@orenshani7 @hikaymm oooh! that makes sense, thanks for explaining!
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