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Killian, a usually laid back dog, started to act aggressive towards his family's regular babysitter. After becoming curious about the dog's behavior, the family hid an phone in the house to record a voice note while the babysitter was over. They realized that their babysitter was using abusive methods to stop the baby from crying and would scream at the child. Without Killian's warnings, the family would have never known that this was going on in their house. Killian, his baby friend, and the parents are all living happily without the abusive babysitter (who pleaded guilty...) Hooray for the family pet!
superhero puppy! that's really good that the family paid attention to him!
Always trust the family furry friend :)
my dog is far too sleepy but I hope she would protect us too!!
My dog used to freak out if anyone even joked about hurting me. My mom would try to tickle me and my dog would jump in front of her and growl. She was the best second mom!
@Nisfit exactly what I was thinking! Imagine if they hadnt had Killian to warn them!
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