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I’ve been off the dating market for a few years now, so the idea of Googling a potential date seems pretty alien to me, though I can appreciate Anna Davies’ decision to use a pseudonym for the dating app Tinder. According to Davies she started using the name Annabelle after a few bad experiences with dates looking her up on Google before meeting her and getting a skewed idea of her personality. As she researched it more in depth though she discovered it can actually cause a lot more trouble than it’s worth to try and use a fake name. Firstly if someone is determined to find you online, they’re going to. Second if someone is going to judge you on a rant on Twitter or a personal blog, that’s probably not someone you want to be dating anyway. "The right match will be intrigued by what he or she finds."
Internet Dating wow To start with I get generally excited just going on a date with someone I'm even semi-familiar with. But Even then I believe that my date will have these expectations of who I am and how I'm going to be. Kinda like preconceived notions. Then you have to work through them to even get to the blank canvas , so you can start to paint the picture of who you are. Internet dating on the other hand is fresh and exciting, and I think it is better in another way altogether. I believe in the chemistry part of the relationship too. One tragic example to share. Sometime ago I met Miss Perfect she was a RN just bought a brand new house good mother, yada, yada, yada. Well anyways we dated a few times and we did the right things but still no spark. Before things got too involved. I came over to her house we sat down and we talked. As uncomfortable as the whole evening was we talked about our feelings and stopped seeing each other. And honesty is always the best policy and talk about your feelings with your partner.
@NickGorbunoff oh yes I definitely agree, chemistry is a necessary part of a successful relationship. Even when you liked someone and they like you, if that "spark" isn't there just as you say even if it hurts it's better for everyone to resolve things. And regarding preconceived notions I think it's unavoidable to assume things or build up an "image" of a person and the process of dating and getting to know someone is about breaking down that image and filling it in with what's real about the person. Thank you for your wonderful comment and sharing your story!