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I understand wake-up calls in hotels, but having strangers call your personal phone? Eh??? Wakie is an app that encourages random strangers around the world to wake you up with a phone call. Right now, Wakie is open to sleepyheads in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. But if you’re playing the role of ‘waker’, you can sign up anywhere. To use Wakie, you have to be prepared to sign in using your phone number. Wakie promises that your number will remain ‘safe and anonymous’. (Why does that sound fishy to me...) You just set an alarm time through the app, and when the wake-up time arrives, you’ll be connected to a Wakie of a similar age and the opposite gender. If no one signs up to call you you'll get an auto-alarm. This app sounds a little too freaky to me but to each their own.
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I'm just wondering why it specifies "the opposite gender" lol....I just need someone to wake me up!
3 years ago·Reply
I'm so grumpy in the morning so maybe its good that the person calling me is a complete stranger hahah
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah definitely creepy. I'll pass.
3 years ago·Reply
Why do i want to try this just to see who calls me? LOL
3 years ago·Reply
Too cool! Good luck even phone calls don't wake me! So it almost makes me want to sign up to see if anyone could actually wake me up! Hahaha!
3 years ago·Reply