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Texas Mayor Shares Secrets Of His 'Vegan Town'
Sick with prostate cancer and overweight, the mayor of Marshall, Texas, Ed Smith turned to a vegan diet. When his prostate cancer was suddenly gone, he and his wife shared his success story with the town. Once a week, they have group dinner with healthy meals, recipe exchanges, and a celebration of the healthy changes in their neighbors. Marshall's Fire Chief Reggie Cooper was 50 pounds heavier and taking medicine every day for Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Then he too switched to a plant-based diet. "In 28 days, what I couldn't do in five years, I was able to get off all the medications," Cooper said. "I haven't been on medication since." All because in a world where arterial-stents and open-heart surgeries are considered "normal," a man in Texas draws headlines for eating his vegetables. "The end result is it's been a success in people's lives that we've seen," Mayor Smith said. "We've seen phenomenal changes in people's health."
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I love that the whole community is working together to be healthier. Great job Marshall!
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That's such an inspiration, you can really hear in the stories from these people how much it's changed their lives. Wonderful!
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Very cool!
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