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Rumors are circulating about Microsoft looking into streaming XBox, letting players game directly on their web browsers. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but if it’s true, as Game Informer put it "console and high-end PC quality games delivered to any browser could really revolutionize the industry.” Being a bit of a gamer myself, though not really that hardcore I did a bit of digging and it actually seems really likely that Microsoft will move forward with browser based gaming. And they don’t seem to be pulling any punches either, their lineup is supposed to include XBox, 360, and even XBone games. It’s arguable how the processing will really work, but according to insider details the games are running really smoothly even with multiple programs running.
@timeturnerjones haha fair enough we'll see how it goes I guess
Would there be a big difference between playing on a browser and playing just on your computer? I'm afraid I'm a bit lost on that.
I......don't trust my pc to handle thus even in a browser (its not built for gaming!) As long as you dont take my console away from me though this seems like a cool development for thise that will use it.
@pixiedust usually playing games on a browser is a lot slower and they games aren't as good, so like you could never play Halo or something on a browser it would die.