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This is an interesting article on Twitter's controversial decision to implement an algorithm to its feed. The idea that Facebook's presence is intimidating Twitter into mistakes is one that I did not completely think about before. It is true, to a certain extent. It seems that as Facebook looks to become more relevant as a content provider, Twitter seems to be reacting in a panic manner. They must see their strength, their ability to deliver news, i.e. content, in a fast way fading away. How could they not? Facebook's algorithm is making it harder and harder for users to think that they ever need to leave Facebook to get content. What makes things worse is that content competitors are actually delivering that content directly to Facebook in an effort to drive traffic. So what should Twitter do? Should it not look to evolve? If it does not, it risks becoming the next MySpace, but at the same time, how does it evolve while keeping true to its core value? It will be interesting to see how Twitter evolves in the next couple of years as it tries to fend off Facebook's dominance.
@AgentCory Honestly for me twitter is often like a big chatroom. You can see tweets between peoole when you follow them both so its like a giant conversation among my twitter friends. if it wasn't real time it wouldn't be the same.
@sbass if the algorithm doesn't ruin the real time, in order aspect sure but that is such an important part of twitter. I dont want an algorithm pushing my bias in only following things I've liked before. My feed is already biased because of who I choose to follow. But more? That's how we all become wholly unaware beyond what we already know or care about.
@hikaymm I wonder though if this is not needed? I would say that adding a feature to make the feed customized based on an algorithm could help the service no? I mean even for news, wouldn't it be better if you got a customized news feed? The algorithm could actually enhance the experience, theoretically.
that definitely makes sense, thanks @hikaymm!
I don't really use twitter do idk how big of a deal it is for stuff to appear in order or in like relevance I guess. the article obviously make it sounds really bad but maybe someone who uses twitter could explain?
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