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I was in disbelief when every sports writer were praising the Seahawks as nearly unbeatable after their week 1 win over the Packers. This is one thing I hate about NFL sports writers. Since the NFL only has 16 games, every games counts. But because every game counts, NFL writers exaggerate every single game like it will determine the entire season. The Seahawks beat a good Packers team, but definitely not a SuperBowl ready Packers team. This is not a Packers team without many flaws, most notably its defense. The Seahawks will be good, but unbeatable? No, not even close. If an old Chargers duo like Rivers and Gates (granted that's a hell of an old duo) can make the Hawks' LB corps look like it was standing in quicksand, then the Hawks are far from unbeatable. Dare I imagine the Seahawks losing to the Broncos (very possible) and dropping to 1-2? I can imagine the doomsday cries by some of sport's most fickle sports writers, the NFL sports writers...
It was a close game and Seahawks were on the road. I think they'll be fine.
@JohnLee yea ur right but imagine if they lose. If the hawks lose their matchup with the Broncos, u know there are gonna be so many beat writers talking about them suffering from lack of will, fire, etc