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An astonishing complex of ancient monuments, buildings, and barrows has lain hidden and unsuspected beneath the Stonehenge area for thousands of years. Scientists discovered the site using sophisticated techniques to see underground, announcing the finds this week. This could change everything we thought we knew about Stonehenge! I wonder how they will explore and study this find, as far as I know Stonehenge is protected from any digging.
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Whoa! Stonehenge is such a weird place. The aliens probably did it.
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Oh my goodness, that's amazing! Just like something you'd read in a fairy tale or a science fiction adventure!
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That's so crazy. It kind of reminds me of the stone guardians they'd place over tombs during Korea's Joseon period. I think the Japanese did something similar too. I wonder if they're meant to act like markers or more like protection. I guess we'll never know!
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