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How many actors, actresses do you recognize? Are you sure? Write a list with 1a,b,c,d;2a,b,c, on...
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@neaa. that's han ji mi, the girl in rooftop prince.... yup kim tae hee.. so, i'm right.. 3a is ha ji won...heheheh @bix2anca... who are: 1a and b, 2b, 3c, and 5c?
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i got that one right too.. ok..4d is han ji mi..she is really cute in her childhood..
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1a Lee Hyo Ri 2c Rain 2d bae yong jun 3b gong hyo jin 4b song hae kyo 4d Han Ji Min others not very sure
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1c kwon sang woo 1d kim tae hee 2a won bin 2c rain 2d bae yong joon 3d so ji sub 4a son ye jin 4b song hye kyo 4c choi ji woo 4d han ji min 5a shin min ah ? 5c han hye jin 5d hyun bin 3a is not ha ji won..
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all i know is there faces not there names.....6 that i know but not there names....sorry
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