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The 9th annual “BLAB!” group show opened at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica this week, featuring a selection of works by some well-known creators in the contemporary gallery scene. From Joe Sorren’s soft, storybook-like works to Ryan Heshka’s satirical, pulp-inspired scenes and Travis Lampe’s maniacal cartoon characters, the artists cover a broad range of styles that stem from the 'low brow' and Pop Surrealist movements. BLAB! is a series of contemporary art anthologies compiled by art diretor Monte Beauchamp, who curated this exhibition to coincide with the release of its third installment, BLAB World 3, which features the work of the aforementioned artists and many more. If you're interested in contemporary Pop Surrealism, I would suggest you head over to Amazon and track down one of these three books. BLAB artists tend to be really visually fun and have heavily (heavily!!) influenced today's pop culture. Photo 1: Travis Lampe Photo 2: Joe Sorren Photo 3: Craig LaRotunda Photo 4: Ryan Heshka Photo 5: Seamus Conley Photo 6: Marc Burckhardt Photo 7: Lola Gil Photo 8: Souther Salazar Photo 9: Peter Ferguson Photo 10: Robert S. Connett
This sounds really interesting. I've seen a few pieces by Travis Lampe before and enjoyed them. I'll definitely have to check out the other artists and more information about this show.
I really enjoy Peter Ferguson's work, this sounds like it will be a great show.