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In front of the Guggenheim Art Museum, Bilbao, Spain, you’ll find an awesome example of vertical gardening in the depiction of a puppy made entirely out of plants! The artist, Jeff Koons, created this 43-foot tall “plant puppy” in the mid-1990s using a steel substructure and a variety of plants. The detail of this piece is just amazing! Source:
Gorgeous! This reminds me of the Rose Parade in LA. Dont you agree @sjeanyoon
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@nokcha Yup! I was just about to say that. Have you been to the Rose Parade?
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@sjeanyoon my dad always wants to go but we'd have to wake up at 5am to get there so noooo thanks haha
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@sjeanyoon I live near Pasadena but I'd rather spend the day watching it on tv with my family.
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