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How to Grow Your ECommerce Business Fast - Part 7

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Collect Reviews and Feedback

Every business person knows that positive or constructive reviews are extremely crucial as they directly impact your business results.

Marketing research shows that 92% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when purchasing. 

Consider the last time you made an online purchase. You probably looked at the product’s overall star rating before deciding to buy the product. Some people might even go through the reviews of previous customers one by one.

Why? It’s because personal recommendations and word-of-mouth are more powerful. These positive reviews help new customers to build trust in your brand and products.

If you have an e-commerce store, chances are you already have the in-built feature to allow reviews to show on your store. Here’s an example from Drip.
However, don’t forget the reviews on third-party sites, such as Google Reviews, Trustpilot, Clutch, etc. You can highlight those on your e-commerce site, like how KreativePro Masterclass did.
If you’re struggling to encourage customers to give more positive reviews and feedback, here are 3 useful strategies for you:

Tip 1: Follow Up with Buyers using email

If you’ve set up email marketing for your e-commerce business, utilize it to send them an email after making a purchase. Here’s an example from Reliablesoft.
Besides, you can also increase their response rate by providing a discount offer or vouchers if they want to write an honest review about their experience with your business. Take a look at how Camera Ready Cosmetics did this.

Tip 2: Make the process of reviews painless
The more steps it takes for a customer to do something, the less likely they are to do it. 
To encourage your customer to leave a review, you can ask for it right after checkout and include a pop-up with a clickable star-rating option.

You can make your “Leave a review” button more visible and add as few fields to fill in as possible. 

Remember to simplify your review form. A headline and the body field are far enough.

Avoid asking for extra details like name or email. These should automatically fill in if they are signed up on your website. Check out this great example from Mack Weldon.
Image Source: Really Good Emails

Tips 3: Provide Various Platforms to Review

As different customers favor different platforms, don’t limit them to reviewing on one or certain platforms. 

Make yourself available on the platform that people use daily. This allows you to increase the number of reviews and social proof.

For example, other than asking your customer to write a review on Google, provide them options to provide reviews on
- Facebook
- Yelp
- Trustpilot
- Clutch
- Your Website
You can also look at the review platforms available by your competitors.
Image: Embed Social

To be continued...

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