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I have often heard that you are meant to dress not for what you are doing, but for what you want to be doing. Dressing the part is a small but important step towards reaching your career goals. Of course, I write this while I sit at work in a massive cardigan and cheap flats, but we can't be perfect every day ;) When You Land Your First Job All-occasion pumps: Not mile-high heels, just simple and sophisticated pumps. Get a pair in a basic hue (think black, tan, etc) and spice up any outfit! When You Nab a Promotion A signature haircut: Splurge on a cut with a top stylist at a great salon, but get trims with a junior stylist. Just like a bad hair day can ruin your mood, a good hair day will make you feel like you can conquer the world! When You Score Your Own Office An investment handbag: Successful men buy sports cars; women, a for-keeps designer bag. I am not one for buying expensive items, but having a (well made!!!) classic bag can remind you that you've worked hard to be where you are and that you deserve to be hauling the massive billboard of a bag around town. When You Become the Boss A statement timepiece: The hallmark of a true power player? It's all in the wrist. Nothing signals how valuable your time is like an exquisite watch.
I agree, @caricakes!! A cute fitted blazer makes me feel like a fancy professional grown-up.
I just can't wait for the day I can get a super beautiful, expensive watch! When will that day come?
I'm all about the power pair of heels!
Wonderful ways to treat yourself, and I wouldn't have thought of a haircut and style as a treat but it's a great idea!
@caricakes you can never go wrong with a blazer!
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