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A kayak fisherman Joel Abrahamsson recently set out to beat the world record for kayak fishing, which had previously been 500-pound salmon sharks caught by some other kayak fisherman. He CRUSHED it! He reeled in an estimated 1,247-pound Greenland shark just off the shore of Norway’s Andorja Island. His method was absolutely insane: he went out to 1600 ft deep water looking for this specific rare species. Then, he strapped in and dropped his bait down on 50# drag. His bait was an 8-lb coalfish, which 25 minutes to lower and had to be changed every 2-3 hours. Once the shark bit, it took a 90-minute fight to wind it in! Abrahamsson called the fight one of the strangest of his career. “The fish is not a spectacular fighter but constantly tugs its head down and pulls slowly,” he said. “The fight was just gruesome and extremely heavy. A few times it got a bit gnarly. I was scared of going over.” Once he got it reeled in far enough to count for the catch, he passed it to a support boat where scientists measured and weighed the shark quickly, releasing it before it was out of the water for too long. What a catch! The next thing he wants to go for is a huge halibut from his kayak: I bet he'll get it done! The world record hasn't been confirmed yet but it seems like he landed it by touching the leader, so congrats to Joel! The full video and documentary, according to Joel, will be released at a later time.
This is unreal! @dougjohnson lets find you some funders because I would LOVE to see that
@yakwithalan I could do it if I had the time and money!!!! You know it
That sounds unbelievable and really dangerous! How on earth did he survive something like that? I guess we have to wait for the documentary to find out huh?
@caricakes Right??? how would that even work!!!
WHAT?! I totally need video proof of this. I don't want to wait for the documentary ahahah
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