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While reading about Joel Abrahamsson's amazing shark catch (see here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/495091) I came across his point on Facebook about using shark skin to remove a tattoo he did not want. Apparently, he got a tattoo of some kind of unidentifiable fish on his hand, and never wanted it. While fishing for the giant Greenland shark, he heard that old sailors would use shark skin to remove unwanted tattoos, so while he had the shark on the surface he rubbed his hand on the skin, which is very rough. It tore up his skin and he got an immediate infection from the slime, but the tattoo is gone! Well, all but the top of it. It seems that he would prefer a scar from the scrape over the tattoo, because as he says: "Scars and memories is all we take with us to the grave:)"
This is pretty metal.
@danidee lmao yeah I can't think of a more extreme tattoo removal than catching your own massive shark and using it to scrape off your skin
@TwistThan It's pretty sick! I never would have thought to try this, or known about it!
haha that is pretty hardcore. that definitely goes down in my book as a banger
I really really hope this guy knew what he was doing....or that he's joking....
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