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Rod holders are typically made of plastic material and can be mounted with bolts or rivets. Three of the most typical applications include: **Flush Mounted Rod Holder - A tube that is inserted into your kayak or sometimes molded into the boat. The end of the rod is simply inserted into the tube and can then be secured with a rod leash. Flush Mount Rod Holders are usually installed behind the seat on the top deck area. **Secure Mounted Rod Holder - Provides a more secure hold than a Flush Rod Holder by “grasping” your rod and reel. You’ll typically find these installed on the center of the deck between your lower legs and sometimes behind the seat. The adjustability of these make them a popular choice when you want to keep your rod tips pointed lower than the flush mount option allows. **Kayak Crate/Tackle Boxes - These can also be made to hold your rod. Check it out: http://www.vingle.net/posts/424986-DIY-Kayak-Fishing-Milk-Crate-Tackle-Holder
@mcgraffy indeed it is! @happyrock good choice. I use one in my old kayak and a rod holder in the newest
I use a kayak crate one myself
tackle box/rod holder would be good for trolling even in a boay