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Casting from a kayak can be awkward. We have all been there. There are kayaks with more stabilizers made for fishing more easily, but for the old-school or new angler, it's more likely that your yak isn't going to be as stable as the shore or as a boat. Practice your cast and reaching around your kayak (tankwell, dry hatches, etc.) before you launch into deeper waters. It’s all about using more arm than body and casting with a bit of finesse. The same applies if not more to casting while standing. It's possible to sit side ways with your legs dangling in the water depending on where you're fishing. You get a cool refreshing dip, and it can be more comfortable after fishing for a while. A general rule of thumb is to always keep your body upright and your head centered over your kayak. If you lean over in any direction too far — splash! Check out the video for more tips on how to stand and cast!
@yakwithalan Huh, maybe I'll try out a buddies yak and see if I can stand up and that before I get to repairing mine then....I don't really enjoy getting wet
@mcgraffy I was kayaking for many years before I started fishing from my kayak, and yet I still fell in quite a bit. its a totally different balance but you get used to it quickly.
I really know id be in the water haha @yakwithalan you fall in often?