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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health
1. Walk outside. While exercising in itself is a great boost to your mental health, going for a walk or run outside has even more vital health benefits. Studies show you'll exert more effort, and will have increased signs of "vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure and self-esteem," as compared to staying indoors. 2. Take vitamin B12. Studies have shown that a severe deficiency of B12 can lead to depression, anxiety, paranoia and more harmful problems. Get your B12 dosage from pill supplements, or by eating foods such as eggs, poultry and dairy products like milk. 3. Write simple goals. The National Alliance on Mental Illness says setting simple, well-defined goals like, "I will smoke one less cigarette, each day, for the next three weeks," is a great way to actually accomplish something. Once you've accomplished that goal, reward yourself! 4. Listen to slow, calming music. Plenty of studies have shown that performing tasks while listening to classical tracks soothes your mind and reduces anxiety. If you're not one for classical music, opt for other tracks that are slow and simple. No lyrics necessary :) 5. Use lavender oil. Studies show that lavender oil can improve your sleep quality and help battle insomnia. If you don't want it on your pillow, try drinking a bit of lavender tea before bed to soak up its healthful benefits. 6. Spend money on someone else. Studies have shown that people who buy something for someone else feel happier throughout day. And you don't have to break the bank every time -- spending $5 for someone else is perfectly effective. Take you friend out and buy her coffee - you get great chit-chat time and you'll feel much better! 7. Meditate. Mindful meditation can increase the brain's emotional regulator. It can help combat depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and more. Start slowly by meditating for three to five minutes per day in order to get comfortable with silence. There are plenty of meditation apps that can guide you through it!
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After losing my memory and recalling power to a brain infection, I've still been alive n happy frm past 15yrs. can't study more, can't set goals, can't depend on memory anymore... God hav brought me this far, n I'm sure he will carry me through this ocean of life too. :-)
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@GsVirdi That's an incredible story!!
3 years ago·Reply
Totally agree...i think that's no 6 so weird sorry my opinion...
3 years ago·Reply
Hi , it is true that while walking with deep breathing gives you a soothing feelings.
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All of these techniques are wonderful, excet the meditation. don't empty you mind, fill it with Good things. pray and meditate on God's Word, talk to Him, praise Him and thank Him and be Truthful to Him. Turn from sin, ask God to help you, believe on The Lord Jesus Christ as The Only Begotten Son of God, crucified for our transgressions, and resurrevted from the dead for His Glory and our eternal life with Him. John 3, John 14:6. Luke 13:1-5, repent and believe The Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are all in need of Him as the only Savior from the punishment we deserve from a Just and Righteous God who was Merciful and Loving to send His Son to redeem us and forgive us and make us Holy by His Grace. God Bless you.
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