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Kayak fishing inevitably comes with some dangers: you might get hooked, bitten by something, or capsize into the water. Any paddling sport or fishing sport can lead to these, but as a kayak angler you need to be even more prepared because there is also a chance you're out on the water alone. And, since you're under trees and in the vegetation, you have an even higher chance of encountering wildlife than a typical yakker. So, follow these tips: **Keep an eye on your surroundings at all times. **Bring a first aid kit. **Where a PFD! (Personal flotation device) **If you flip your kayak, focus on recovering yourself into the yak before you try to reclaim your gear. **Check the weather before going out; no need to put yourself in dangerous conditions that could be avoided! **Practice capsizing when the waters are warm. Purposely throw yourself out of the boat so you know you know how to get back in on the water.
@dougjohnson important to be safe no matter how you're on the water!
I'll stick to my boat still...but good tips man hopefully people listen or it can get real dangerous