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I’m a really big fan of Doctor Who (Whovians unite!), and I also like some other British shows too so when I found this list I had to share it. PLUS all of these are available on Netflix, so what’s not to love?! Here’s some awesome British TV shows you should watch. 1. An Idiot Abroad 2. Call The Midwife 3. Derek 4. Doctor Who (obv) 5. Happy Valley 6. Luther 7. Merlin 8. Peep Show 9. Sherlock 10. Skins 11. The Inbetweeners 12. The IT Crowd 13. The Paradise 14. The Office
Some of these sound really interesting, especially The Paradise! And I love that they're available on Netflix! Which ones have you watched @AgentCory?
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My main question is when will I be able to watch Misfits?!!?!!!!
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@pixiedust Doctor Who of course, and I also love Sherlock and Merlin and I want to start watching Skins. @sophiamor IKR?! the day/hour/second that goes up on Netflix my life will be complete.
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sweet!! I've been looking to watch more than doctor who; ill check them out
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I really love Call the Midwife. It's REALLY good :D
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