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A few summers ago, I was staying in Vienna with my family. While Budapest unfortunately was cut from the list of stops on this vacation, my mom and I thought that our Hungarian ancestors would be livid if we didn't at least try to step foot in the motherland. So, we hopped on a train using our Eurail pass and spent an afternoon in Sopron. This tiny border town is quiet and quaint, but it had everything I could ever need. An awesome book store, an adorable cafe with a shady patio, and an ice cream shop. Whenever I need the city life I could jump on a train and be in Vienna in no time! Possibly retiring here, we'll see about learning Magyar though...
Oh, that bookstore! I wonder if any of the books were in English? I also loved the view of the fields.It looks like a perfect day trip!
Looks like a fun trip! Even if it was just for the day :)
Gorgeous photos @caricakes!