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A flat tire is by far the most important skill you must learn no matter what type of cycling you plan on doing. Although it can be a pain, a flat does not have to ruin your day! Aside from the basics discussed in the video here are a few tips that will help you out when you are changing the inner tube. Partially inflate your new tube so that it can hold its shape a little bit. In the video this had already been done. So, when you take your new tube out put approximately two pumps of air in it before trying to seat it in the rim, this will make it easier to work with. Additionally, in the video the tire was extremely easy to put back on the rim, I do not know about you but this is generally not the case for me. If you are struggling to put the tire back on the rim it is important to remember that you should not require the tire levers to put it back on. It is actually a bad idea to use the tire levers as this can often pinch your new tube and cause another flat. That would be embarrassing. After you have put as much of the tire back on as possible, put your palms on the remaining portion and wrap your fingers over the tire until they grab the opposite side of the rim now “roll” the tire onto the rim with your palms. Use the leverage from your fingers by grabbing the rim. The motion is more of a roll because you should be forcing the tire to go up AND over the rim.