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now that i look back at time.. childhood is the only thing that is mine.. where i could play in the mud.. and take pleasure in the blooming bud.. where the only mistake was to spell a word wrong.. when what happened today was tomorrow a bygone.. when a broken doll was the only pain.. when a pokemon would drive you insane.. when my mother was my biggest threat.. where little candies were all i could bet.. when tears faded faster than smiles.. where sylvester was the definition of guile.. when i did not have to worry about what the world says when i could smile all night, all day.. today when it hurts, i think of that time.. where worries and troubles were worth a dime.. life changes and childhood becomes a memory.. a cherished keepsake in our hearts we bury... (my poem!!)
really? i'll look up..thanks ejna
so cute of him!!!!!!!!!!! , <3
Well, I did not see the full MV just the preview. The one for Team H.
thanks.. which mv.. i didnt see?
Your poem speaks so much to me because.... I'm getting old! hahahaha... I like it! You must have been inspired while looking at JGS's pics. I miss him. I don't like his new image in the new MV.
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