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I'm surprised that my dad bought this to me. At least he got some sense of style. :)
@cutespy Maybe I need to do my online browsing more publically so I get a gifr haha, what a nice surprise!!!
@CuteSpy Payless is wonderful, and usually pretty inexpensive! Almost all of my shoes are Payless as well.
@timeturnerjones Hahaha! Well, he told me that its like his old oxford shoes 20 years ago. But then, he decided to bought one because he said that he saw me browsing some cute oxfords on the web. :)
@pixiedust My dad bought them on Payless shoe source. My foot size was kinda EUR 40 (sometimes 41, depending on the shoe style) so I always find it hard to look for a good pair of shoes on ordinary shoe stores in here. Good thing Payless offers US sizes. That's why all my shoes are from there. (^^,)
These are perfect, I want a pair too!!
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