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Ravensword: Shadowlands is a 3d Action RPG created by Crescent Moon Games wherein you'll play the role of a knight that will unravel the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas. This app costs Php 312.14 (USD 7.05) in Google Play I'm still not finished in the game but it feels like I'm playing Skyrim on my phone. The 3d world is awesome, you can explore many places. There are also side quests if you don't feel like to do the main quest yet. The best thing for me in here is the stealth skill and the crossbow as a weapon. And yeah, I like to sneak around. Haha. The best thing here is, it supports controllers! ps3, xbox or MOGA, you name it. Plus, you can switch to 1st person or 3rd person. Pros: - Huge, detailed, and beautiful 3d world to explore - You can switch to 1st or 3rd person - Great storyline - Wonderful music and sound effects. (use your headphones) - You can ride on a pterosaur! How cool is that?! - You can lockpick locked doors and steal items! Just don't get caught, okay? Cons: - minor bugs on my device, though it doesn't really ruin my game. Overall verdict: 4/5. I love it! This is a must try! I got so hooked in this game during my summer break but I had to lessen my gameplay when school started. (-.-") What do you guys think of this game? Share your thoughts. Over and out!
i love playing games on my phone! this looks good, i think i might just like this game :D
this game is awwsome ^^
@Pratyush Oh I think you will like it. :)
This kind of sounds fun....I'm not huge on playing PC games but I like killing time on my phone XD This might keep my on my phone for tooooo long though!!! Is it addicting? @CuteSpy
I liked it but my biggest gripe was the camera controls. It felt too floaty even with the mogapro.
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