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such a beautiful bollywood sufi song my fav translation O Kabira... How's this selfishness of yours, that you don't take the sun, nor take the shade.. How's this selfishness of yours, that your feet don't stay anywhere.. You've tried being your own god, and crossed all seven seas, Still, there is a draught within your heart, Why is it so.. O Kabira, listen to me.. O saint, believe me.. Come, your shadows call you back...
one of my fav. charges me up everytime
@saharjalpari9 I'll definitely put this on my to-watch list^^
@caricakes this movie is called Yeh Jaawani hai Deewani and thankyou 4 listening enjoy the movie is actually a really sweet movie watch it if you may :-)
wait what movie is this?! I just finished this video and I'm actually crying!!
I usually only listen to the happy, high-energy Bollywood songs. This has a much different feel to it. Beautiful!