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Alabama Rig 25 lbs in 2 Casts. Anybody have luck with this rig?
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I sure have had luck with it but these days I really don't like it....minus the fact that its banned in most places I just don't find it as exciting overall you know? It doesn't give the same feel or anything.... sure they come at it but i like the skill required with other rigs
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Still though can't say i'm not jealous of how big those fish are.....
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Personally, I'm not a fan but use what you want. I just don't like how much waste is left when you lose one of these! @ryan88argo do you like them?
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I've never really used them I have a few a rigs and they are a pain to cast. probably cuz I did have the right rod and reel combo. I might give them a try when it gets a little colder.
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@ryan88argo lemme know how it goes for you, i'm curious....have to check my local regulations again
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