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Ready for the big secret? All creative geniuses: all those blockbuster movie writers, those best-selling authors, those stars singing on stages and acting in movies: they all have one thing in common. They worked hard for it. That's it, that's the big secret. Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief (which has become a blockbuster hit and a best-seller), didn't sit down one day and write a book that will be remembered for generations. He wrote it, rewrote it, and wrote it about 200 more times. It took 3 years of hard work and distress, but the final product was a hit because he worked hard. Natural talent when not pushed cannot create anything! Often, people say "she's so lucky, she's a star," and think that those geniuses we see on TV and in the news are lucky for getting there. Sure, they are. But what brought them luck? Hard work! Without working hard, they wouldn't have been in the situations where they got lucky and were ultimately able to prevail. Showing up everyday and working hard does a lot more for your chances of getting lucky than sitting at home and wasting your day away. We all have the chance to be geniuses! We never know what's going to happen, and that's okay! Keep pushing forward. Stop saying "I wish I could," and just do it! The more you do, the more your chance of being "lucky" will grow.
@caricakes Hey now, I'm sure that's not true!! @greggr Swimming, swimming, swimming :)
Great advice! The harder you work at something, the better you'll do at it! As Dory said, Just keep swimming!
Maybe this is why I am only mediocre at my hobbies...
@timeturnerjones lol me too! and @galinda i think you're talking about Outliers? I'm not sure though
Even when you think "oh Britney spears just got lucky" lucky doesn't make a music video or album or performance. You still have to work! @onesmile Don't think I missed that britneh reference
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