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Figuring out what your life passion is can be difficult. Whether it's a side project, a job, a hobby, or a philosophy you want to share with others: it's not always easy to discover. And that's okay! In fact, that's preferable. The process of finding the one thing that you are truly passionate about takes a lot of detective work. It takes time. It takes knowing yourself. To find your life passion, you have to become more comfortable with yourself: your personality, intelligence, secret desires, and more. After discovering this parts of yourself, you will know yourself better than ever. And it is at that time that your true passions will come to surface. When you can authentically discover what it is you love and want to pursue, you'll be more comfortable with yourself than you ever were before. And, you'll have a passion to follow! For more on how having a life passion improves your life:
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I am envious of the people who have one passion that they will follow happily for the rest of their lives. My friend just entered med school and has dreamed of being a doctor her whole life (and actually enjoys it!) so I know that she'll be happy with her life path. Meanwhile I am appy to just hang out with my dog all day. Finding your one thing is really hard!!
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