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When you realize what you're really passionate about: what you most want to spend your time and resources on, you learn about what your core values are. Your values are the outlines of your priorities. If the passion you want to prioritize clearly prioritizes one value, you can see how important that value is to you. When we make big decisions on a whim or because of someone else's values rather than our own, we feel unhappy and dissatisfied. By learning about what our values are through a life passion or hobby, we are able to find a peaceful place to rest and exist. So how can you identify your core values? Take 10 minutes to sit down and list the values you find important in a friend or family member. What values do you despise? What do you absolutely need? By listing these up, you can identify the values. Additionally, think about the things you most enjoy spending your time on. For example, if your life passion is gardening, why? What does it make you feel? Creative? Productive? Frugal? Trustworthy? Responsible? By analyzing your passions, you can find out more about what you live for, and be happier because of it!
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This is a wonderful piece of advice. I don't usually think about how my work (which is absolutely my passion) reflects my values but it's so true. I value creativity, in myself and in others, so teaching art gives me an opportunity to help encourage creativity in my students while also keeping me accountable to myself. I can't help children learn about improving themselves as artists if I'm not also improving myself. Really excellent advice, I'm looking forward to the rest of this collection @onesmile!