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Usually, people stay in a safe zone not because they don't have a wild passion or crazy idea they want to pursue, but because they are afraid. Why are they afraid? Because they fear failure. Failure keeps people from seeking their passions. But there is no reason to fear failure! As you seek your passion: as you try to find what you live for, you can learn to embrace failure. You think you love pharmacy, so you try to be a pharmacist but it turns out you hate it. That's fine! Take this failure as a learning experience. You might have learned that you hate pharmacy, but you also learned that you love helping people, so your life passion should align with that love. Failures should not simply discourage us, but they should work to help us identify what was positive about the experience, and also help us filter out the parts of our life that are making us unhappy! If you hated samba dance class because it was too tiring, you can move on to something that energizes you instead. Failures teach us what is not worth our time and what makes us unhappy, so that we can spend more time doing what does make us happy! So get out there and fail a bit until you find what makes you happy. Failure doesn't have to only have negative consequences.
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