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#4: Stop being limited; find your passion!
How many times have you thought "there's no way I can do that, it's not possible"? Or "No one would like it if I did that"? How often have these kind of thoughts prevented you from being truly happy? Well, stop! By pursuing the things you most want to pursue: by following your passions and hobbies, you will be happier. We fear and have negative beliefs that the status quo won't agree with our decisions. However, to follow our passions, we often have to ignore the status quo and do what we know is best for ourselves! Get rid of those beliefs that are limiting you and follow your passions. You'll realize that there are many beliefs that are doing nothing to help you and only limiting you. By getting these negativies out of your life, you empower yourself and expand your opportunities for passionate living.
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Wonderful advice! And so true, the only thing holding you back nine times out of ten is yourself!
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@pixiedust Glad you agree :) If you don't try doing more things, how will you learn? You gotta let it go~~~~
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