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#7: Finding Financial Freedom through a Life Passion
Once you have your life passion, priorities, core values and more lined up, you suddenly have a defined style of financial freedom. No longer will you need more and more money to find happiness; you just need enough to pursue your passions. Mindlessly working for money can be draining: there is no final goal. But when you're working towards a goal (say, a new boat so you can fish more, or enough money to take yourself on a new world trip) it no longer feels like the same hard work day in and day out. You are more financially free, because you know exactly what you're working towards and exactly what you need to reach it. You just need enough money to create the passionate life you design for yourself.
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Doing what you love is so much more important that doing something for money. When you're happy and pursuing something you truly want and truly believe in, you don't have a need for a lot of extra cash anyway!
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@pixiedust Exactly! It feels so great to save money for a goal that really matters to me (and then reach it!) than it does to just have a lot of money for no reason.
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