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Sheng Qi is a Chinese performance artist and painter. His work is always a commentary on Chinese culture, with an emphasis on the oppression and sadness that can be found in his homeland. Random tidbit: In 1989, in protest to the massacre at Tiananmen Square, he chopped off the little finger on his left hand and buried it in a porcelain flowerpot, which remained in Beijing during his subsequent exile in Europe. You can visit his website here:
I love this. And that tidbit is all sorts of extreme, but I dig it too.
Really interesting work, it is not my favorite style of art but I can feel the emotion behind it.
I like the separation of colors in every piece- very interesting!
@stargaze I was so shocked when I read that but I also think its pretty funny. What a crazy way to disobey your exile sentence :)
He's an extremist for chopping his own finger out of anger. His artwork also depcits his feelings.