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Qin Chong’s creations are inspired by the traditional dualism between Yin and Yang. He is always experimenting with new raw materials he finds in the five natural elements (water, fire, metal, earth and wood) As for his devotion to black and white, Qin Chong once wrote: “These days mankind is developing so rapidly – news spreads as quick as lightning, cultures are interweaving, societies are as transitory as wind and clouds, people are weighed down by all kinds of pressures. The world is so full of colours! I want to find my own equilibrium in the king and the queen of colours, black and white.”
Reminds me a bit of the post-minimalism movement, something out of the book of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Looks great!
What a fascinating perspective, I can't get over that statement "finding my own equilibrium in the King and Queen of colors." I'm so interested to see more of his work now.