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Toulouse-based street artist TILT has made quite a name for himself, with his condensed colors and frantic designs finding making their way off of street walls and concrete to snapbacks, vinyl toys, and skateboards. Here is a peek at an incredible interior design collaboration he did with the hotel Au Vieux Panier in Marseille, France, PLUS an amazing video of TILT's process when creating his large but highly detailed pieces, Check out the hyper contrast of those walls, man! Admit it - whose dream bedroom is this?!
This is so awesome!! I love the crazy contrast!
@danidee I was wondering about housekeeping too!! They'd have to be so precise about arranging this room every time. if I stayed there I think id end up making my own bed, too.
This is incredible! I love the creativity and the energy! And of course the vibrant colors as well, it's all wonderful!
I don't think I'd like staying in the colorful half, but the touches of color in the white room is very fun. I could redo my room with just touches of his work and enjoy it.
I wonder if he gets really excited whenever he sees a white wall hahah
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